We offer our Venture pads in two sizes: 9 inch and 12 inch.  

Our 9 inch pads are perfect for light to moderately heavy flow - day or night.  It is recommended for stress incontinence with a 2oz. loss or less.  This size has been a top choice for petite women and teens but is in no way limited to smaller women. The 9 inch pad is very discreet yet offers excellent protection and absorbency.  The exposed core is slightly contoured for comfort but not too much so as not to reduce the absorbency capacity of this pad.  This pad size is approximately 3" wide when snapped closed.

Our 12 inch pads are excellent for heavy flow days, excessive gushing, overnight use, or any case where extended wear and maximum absorbency are of utmost concern.  It is recommended for stress incontinence with a 3oz. loss or less.  The 12" pad offers a more contoured exposed core with larger surface areas in the front and back.  This pad size is approximately 3.25" wide when snapped closed. While some women like a smaller more discreet pad, others find a larger pad more comfortable. 

Turnaround time for custom orders is about 7 working days.  See our Venture Cloth Pad Info Page for more information on our pads.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Deena Mahowald
Great quality

I have been using these for over two years. They work perfectly and I am saving money!

Love them!

Thank you for creating these pads! Love them so much. They work incredibly well and are sewn beautifully :)

The Softest Pads Ever!!!

These cloth pads trump all other pads I've bought prior. They are so soft and beautifully made. I have now become a loyal customer! Highly recommend it, definitely give it a try!

Virginia Emery
Great product!!

I am glad I found these. I use these at night and they work well. They did not have an odor like the pads and hold a good amount of urine, but you will need to change them more frequently so carry a spare with you. They are worth the money and will last a long time. Better than burning pads and throwing them away.

Norvetta Whitson

Works ok

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