Boost absorbency of your pads by adding an extra insert.  Note that our pads can accommodate up to two.  

Please note the approximate size of the inserts below:

  • 9" and 10" pads have a contoured 8" insert.
  • 12" pads have a contoured 10" insert.

These inserts are custom sewn.  Turnaround time is approximately 7 working days.

Besides the use with our pad line, some customers use these inserts alone as a "lay-in" pantyliner for either themselves or as added protection for a child who is potty-training.   Our inserts with zorb have been purchased as diaper doublers as well.   Additionally, we have had many customers purchase our inserts for dog diapers.  The possibilities are endless.

See our Heavenly Cloth Pads product page for more information on our pads.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gwen E.
Zorb is amazing

I've been using Mom & Me pads with the regular inserts for years, and I've been happy with them, but lately my periods have gotten really intense and at their peak I can soak through the pad and two normal inserts in just an hour or so.

When I saw the new Zorb inserts I was honestly skeptical - how much difference could it really make?

The answer is So Much Difference. Instead of soaking through the second insert within an hour when I'm at peak flow, I can go several hours and the blood will have just barely gotten through the Zorb insert and started to touch the 2nd one. So far I haven't had any overflow with 1 Zorb insert and 1 regular, and I could probably get away with just the single zorb except that I'm used to having two.

Charli Erickson
Work as Liners

I got these to use as daily liners when I'm not on my period. I didn't want to pay $6 per liner when I wear up to 3 a day, so this is a perfect solution. They stay put even without wings much better than I thought, so they work well. They're soft and a good size for coverage while still being thin enough to not feel bulky.

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