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Each pad comes with one doubler, but can hold up to two.   You may purchase extra doublers. Pads are backed with 100% organic cotton flannel and use ProECO PUL as a waterproof barrier..

These pads are custom sewn.  Turnaround time is approximately 7 working days.

If you are thinking of making the switch to cloth incontinence pads, we highly recommend you try a few pads first before making a large purchase.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Still Loving My New Freedom!

    It has been a couple of months since I ditched the disposable pads and have been using Mom and Me Creations. I love them!! I'm glad I invested in 12 of these since I use one a day. Having more of these helps with laundering them a little more spaced apart. I simply hand wash daily then wash them as a small load the end of the week. I plan on getting one more set. I use the Heavenly Incontinence Pads with extra liners. Bear in mind, if you use two liners it will be a little bulkier but I am still comfortable, especially since I know I have double leakage protection. I did get a couple of the Venture Cloth Pads and I use one at night at bedtime. The Venture is sleek and quite comfortable. I plan on getting a few more of these as well. Ladies, it's a bummer we have to deal with this but Mom and Me Creations pads make a difficult situation not just tolerable but actually nice. I start my day with confidence knowing that if something makes me laugh out loud, if I trip and jar the bladder, if I sneeze unexpectedly, I'm not going to be embarrassed by wetting my pants. I have saved SO MUCH money by not having to purchase Always incontinency pads. Mom and Me Pads launder nicely. I do not use soaps with perfumes to launder. I actually use
    Borax 20 Mule Team Detergent and it works fantastically. They come out clean, fresh, and stain free. YAY to Mom and Me Creations for helping us ladies feel pretty and free again. Blessings to all.

    "I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty..."🎶

    I have been searching for something like this ever since I had my kids (over 30 years ago) Love the kids but not so much the bladder leakage that was a "side effect." LOL. These pads are so amazing!!! Even the 15", which is very large, does "not" feel like a bulky diaper. The 12" is perfect for daily wear and I am so excited to have been able to ditch the toxic disposable pads. I did also purchase the Venture Cloth Pads which are kinda cool having an all in one sewn in pad. The Venture I use for less strenuous days but when I'm going to be actively gardening or just, well, active, then I use the 12" Heavenly cloth pad (adding the extra liner) for maximum protection. The double pad really does not feel bulky to me. I am very used to this now and find the pads comfortable both physically as well as emotionally, knowing I'll be protected and not have to worry about embarrassing moments.

    You do need to wash-dry-wash-dry, and repeat a few more times to condition these but they are definitely absorbent and feel really nice against the skin. Jen is SO nice! She'll talk with you and help you find the options that most meet your needs. She was delightful to chat with and really gave me confidence in the products. FAST turn around/shipping time as well. Most women who deal with a bladder leakage issues find it embarrassing and somewhat discouraging. Jen made it easy to discuss my specific needs without feeling weird or embarrassed. She even had me weigh a dry disposable pad, wear it on an active day, then weigh the pad and leakage so that she could accurately recommend the product that would be perfect for me. I really appreciated that.

    One thing I have found that is also helpful is the underwear you use. Loose fitting undies are a nightmare. I decided to purchase INNERSY Women's Cotton Menstrual Period Panties, the High Waist design and they work prefect with these Heavenly Pads. If there is a leak and I can't change the pad immediately, the undies act as a backup until I can get to drier ground, if you know what I mean, ;-). The undies keep the pads securely in place and the high waisted style tucks the tummy. The combination of these amazing pads from Mom and Me Creations along with my tummy tucking undies and...well...all of a sudden I start singing, "I feel pretty, oh so pretty..." I'm a customer for life! Thanks Jen :-)

    Angela Braxton
    Awesome service and wonderful products

    This is my second order from Mom and me creations. I figured I'd try the incontinence pads because any kind of disposable causes me issues. Well I love them! I was finally able to order more. I wasn't disappointed! Quick delivery, awesome service and wonderful products! The second order seems even softer than the first! Try them and see for yourself! I promise you will NOT be disappointed!!

    After many tries . . .

    Finally found a fabric incontinence pad that works around the house. 2/3 of my weekly trash was incontinence pads, but now I wear commercial ones only when I go out in public (which is seldom). I've tried other fabric pads before, which had no absorbency in spite of their thickness, and thank you to Mom and Me for their wonderful reusable product!

    Linda Jensen
    Linda J

    Seem to absorb well and easy to use and launder. Somewhat bulky but to be expected. I love that they do not add to the landfill, sustainable.

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