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12" cloth pads are recommended for heavy flow, day or night.  This includes postpartum use.  This size works well for stress incontinence with loss up to 4oz.  Each pad has a ProECO PUL barrier.

Each 12" cloth pad includes one three layer hemp fleece insert.  Additional inserts are sold separately but are most often not needed if the pad can be changed in a reasonable amount of time.

Please note that our estimates for incontinence loss capacity do not equate to menstrual flow.  As blood is thicker than water, our pads can typically contain and hold more blood than urine.  Our estimates for incontinence loss are on the conservative side meaning they do not reflect what the pad will hold at saturation limit.  They reflect what the pad can absorb while still  keeping you dry with one insert added.  Additional inserts will boost the capacity of each pad.

Turnaround time for custom orders is about 7 working days.

See our Heavenly Cloth Pads product page for more information on our pads.

Customer Reviews

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Gwen E.
The best I've found

Years ago my wife and tried a variety of cloth pads, and Mom&Me's products stood well above the rest. We didn't have a lot of money so we ordered several from their "imperfect" selection and just washed them all 4-6 times a month. Eventually we realized that all the heavy use had started to wear them out, and we looked for replacements, but at the time M&M's storefront was closed and nothing else we tried worked even half as well as our old, much abused Mom&Me's.

Then we saw that the storefront was open again, better than ever. The new variety of options was a bit overwhelming, but Jen was very patient in helping me figure out what we needed.

After a couple of months of trying the new pads I can confidently say they are even better than before. I LOVE the double snaps, and enjoy the backing fabric options. I'd wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone.

Kristi Harpham

These are so comfortable, clean easily, and for myself personally, I’ve experienced a shorter period. Thank you so much!

Great overnight pad!

The 12" pad with zorb is outstanding even for a heavy nighttime flow. Without zorb is good on lighter nights when I still like to have a long pad.

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