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9" cloth pads are a wonderful daytime pad for light to medium flow.  They are a great size choice for teens and petite ladies.  They work well for light incontinence with less than a 1oz. loss..  

Please select a waterproof barrier for your pads. ProECO PUL provides the ultimate breathable waterproofing.  Wool adds an extra layer of absorbency, is more breathable than PUL, but will not be as waterproof; thus, it will need to be changed when soiled.

Each 9" cloth pad includes one insert.  Additional inserts are sold separately but are most often not needed if the pad can be changed in a reasonable amount of time.

Please note that our estimates for incontinence loss capacity do not equate to menstrual flow.  As blood is thicker than water, our pads can typically contain and hold more blood than urine.  Our estimates for incontinence loss are on the conservative side meaning they do not reflect what the pad will hold at saturation limit.  They reflect what the pad can absorb while still  keeping you dry with one insert added.  Additional inserts will boost the capacity of each pad.

Turnaround time for custom orders is about 7 working days.

See our Heavenly Cloth Pads product page for more information on our pads.

Customer Reviews

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isabella angeles

Custom Order 9" Heavenly Cloth Pads - You Pick Backing Fabric

Mindy Cummings
I love Mom & Me!

Thank you so much for the care and attention you give to all your products. I bought baby carriers and postpartum pads 13 years ago and now I’m back buying first period pads for my big girls. I appreciate you Jen! Xoxo

Danielle Evans
Thank you!

Your product empowers as an alternative to building up landfills. Excellent materials used - their size and shape contour perfectly. Ease of use, beauty and true customer care complete your offering. Gratitude.

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