$ 7.00

Venture Light Days is the newest addition to our cloth pad line.  If you are a fan of our regular Venture Cloth Pads, this "light" version may become another favorite especially with the addition of colorful prints!

Venture Light Days are 9" long with two width settings of approximately 2.75" and 3.25".

These pads were created for those looking for a fully waterproof, thin pad best suited for in-between days, light to medium menstrual flow or stress incontinence with loss up to 1oz.  This would be a great teen starter pad/pantyliner as well!

The 9" size has been a top choice for petite women and teens but is in no way limited to smaller women. The 9" pad is very discreet yet offers excellent protection and absorbency.  The exposed core is slightly contoured for comfort but not too much so as not to reduce the absorbency capacity of this pad.  

Turnaround time for custom orders is about 7 working days.  See our Venture Cloth Pad Info Page for more information on our pads.

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