Are you looking for a heavy-duty organic cloth incontinence pad that is soft, super-absorbent, durable, and comfortable?  Do you want a pad that sanitizes completely and dries quickly?  Do you prefer a pad comprised mainly of organic materials?  Would you like to be able to customize the level of absorbency?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, Heavenly Cloth Incontinence Pads may be right for you.

Heavenly Cloth Incontinence Pads are made with certified organic hemp fleece ((55% hemp, 45% organic cotton) that is soft, absorbent and has a nice stretch that, will mold to your contours.  Hemp is a wonderful fabric for those with chemical sensitivities for two reasons. First, hemp grows well without herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides and is considered an organic plant.  Second, from field to fabric, hemp is "finished" using eco-friendly processes leaving no toxic chemical residue in the fabric.  Additionally hemp is naturally antimicrobial, anti-fungal and resistant to mildew. 

Hemp fleece has a similar hand to the cotton fleece you find in sweatshirts except that it is denser, stronger, softer, and extremely porous making it the ideal material for cloth pads.  Additionally, hemp blended cotton fabrics can absorb and contain up to 3x their weight in liquid.  This is a huge benefit to using hemp materials in the cloth industry as less fabric layers are needed to achieve superior absorption results.   We have a proven design that provides the utmost in comfort, customization, durability and protection.  







Our Incontinence pads are a holder-doubler design.   Benefits of this design include the ability to customize the absorbency of your pad, superior clean up, and faster drying times.   


The holder, which is the main part of the pad, consists of two layers of organic hemp fleece on top which provide excellent absorbency and protection front to back and wing to wing.  Turn it over and you will find a waterproof pocket to hold one or two doublers to customize absorbency further.ency further

The pocket layer is made from ProECO PUL backed with organic cotton flannel.  This pocket is wide enough to wrap slightly around your underwear when the pad is snapped closed for added proton.

PorECO PUL is a thermally-bonded, waterproofing material.  Thermally-bonded PUL eliminates harmful chemical solvents in the manufacturing process making it a more eco-friendly PUL. It is also a safer choice for you..  It is soft, flexible, breathable, and extremely durable - made to withstand over 300 washes on hot temperatures without losing its ability to stay waterproof.   .          



A doubler is used to boost the absorbency of your pad.  Each doubler is three layers of organic hemp fleece.  Up to two doublers can be used in each pad.

Snap Closures

Pads are held securely with polyacetal resin snaps that are stronger and more durable than other types of plastic snaps. Our snaps are BPA-free


Available Sizes and Uses

Heavenly Cloth Incontinence Pads are available in two sizes: 12' and 15".

Please note our estimates for incontinence loss are on the conservative side meaning they do not reflect what the pad will hold at saturation limit.  They reflect what the pad can absorb while still  keeping your clothing dry with one insert added.  Each pad comes with one insert.  Additional inserts will boost the capacity of each pad and are sold separately.  If you need an incontinence pad for mild/stress incontinence, see our Heavenly Cloth Menstrual Pad line or our Venture line.


12" Incontinence Pads

Our 12" size is recommended for incontinence loss up to 4oz.  An additional doubler may boost this pad even more.  This pad has two snap settings and can accommodate up to two doublers.  The width of this pad when snapped closed on each setting is approximately 3.25" and 3.75".  The doubler included with this pad measures approximately 10" long.  This is our top recommendation for average-sized women who do not lose their entire bladder.


15" Incontinence Pads

Our 15" size is recommended for incontinence loss up to 4oz+.  An additional doulber may boost this pad to 8oz.  This pad has a double snap closure and two snap settings and can accommodate up to two doublers.  The double closure also allows you to snap one side of the pad tighter if for example, you want more coverage toward the back of the pad and less in front.  Or vice-versa.  The width of this pad when snapped closed on each setting is approximately 3.75" and 4.25".  The doubler included with this pad measures approximately 13" long.  This size is recommended to plus-sized women or those whose loss is very significant  We have had several customers who occasionally lost their entire bladder use this pad with good success; however, they had to change the pad immediately when soiled to keep the pad from leaking.

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    Pros and Cons Compared With Disposables


    • Comfort --  Our customers who were previously stuck in Depends "diapers" are able to use our pads and wear their own underwear again.

    • Absorbency --  A fully "conditioned" holder with one doubler can hold 2-4+oz of liquid depending on pad size.

    • Easy Care  --  Wash and dry in your washer and dryer on any setting.  Hemp is virtually indestructible.

    • No Rash  --  Customers report they have no urine rash when using this product.

    • No Odor   --   No chemicals in the cloth means no exaggerated odors when it is saturated.

    • Discreet - They don't sound like a diaper when you move in them.

    • Convenient - Wash and reuse. 

    • Easy to Use - Wrap, snap, and go.

    • Significant reduction and/or elimination of paper products  --  Our customers are able to virtually eliminate their need for paper products.

    • Better for the Planet


    • You absolutely have to change when soiled, usually immediately  --  A fully saturated pad is like a fully saturated washrag; it can only hold so much.  Paper products have chemicals to lock fluid in which cloth does not. 

    • You will feel wet when the pad is soiled which leads back to the above  --  change immediately if the pad is saturated and change as soon as possible if it is not to capacity. 

    • You must wear form fitting underwear (control type underwear are great) with good elastic to ensure proper absorption.  These pads will be heavy when soiled.

    • Your body position affects the functionality of these pads.  If you are laying down, they may leak, whereas if you are sitting or standing,  there is less chance of this occurring. 

    • These are very large, thick pads;  especially the 15" size.

    Care. Storage, and Washing

    You will have to change the entire pad when soiled.  

    You may wash and dry your pads in your washer and dryer on any setting.

    Before use, your pads will need to be conditioned through multiple wash and dry cycles.  Due to its strength, hemp fabrics need more conditioning than plain cottons, flannels, and most other fabrics used for cloth pads today.  Don't be tempted to "baby" your new pads.  Hemp requires  a vigorous break-in.   We recommend you wash and dry at least five times on hot settings with vigorous agitation before you begin trying them out.  Throwing them in with the white load will help break the fabric in much faster than washing them alone.  Hand washing will NOT condition your pads so we do not recommend this when your pads are "new."  Hand washing after your pad has reached maximum absorbency is fine.  Line drying, however, will render a very stiff pad so drying in a dryer is still recommended.  You can test your pads for absorbency by pouring a small amount of liquid on the top of the pad.   If the liquid soaks in immediately, the pad is ready for use.  If the liquid sits on top of the pad for a few seconds, the pad needs more conditioning.  Hemp tends to reach it's peak around the 10th washing so keep this in mind when making a final determination if the pad is working for your needs.

    Cloth pads work best with form fitting underwear.  Simply add a doubler or two as necessary to your holder, wrap around your underwear, snap, and you are set.  (You will hardly or never notice the snaps when you are wearing the pad).

    Our customers put their soiled pads into a container separate from their usual laundry.  When they were ready to wash, they ran the pads through a rinse cycle first, then washed them like and even with their white loads.   Do not use fabric softener as it will coat your pads and interfere with absorbency. 

    For storage of soiled pads while on the go, our testers found a Zip Lock to be perfect.


    How Many Do You Need?

    This depends on your daily use and how often you want to wash.  Figure out an average number of pads you use per day and the how many days you want to go before washing.  So if you use six pads a day and want to wash every couple days, you would need 18 pads.  Also the more pads you have in rotation, the longer they will last.  I have some Heavenly Cloth Menstrual Pads that are over seven years old and going strong.