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Heavenly Cloth Pads and Pantyliners


Heavenly Cloth Pads and pantyliners are made with certified organic hemp fleece ((55% hemp, 45% organic cotton) that is soft, absorbent and has a nice stretch that, will mold to your contours.  Hemp is a wonderful fabric for those with chemical sensitivities for two reasons. First, hemp grows well without herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides and is considered an organic plant.  Second, from field to fabric, hemp is "finished" using eco-friendly processes leaving no toxic chemical residue in the fabric.  Additionally hemp is naturally antimicrobial, antifungal and resistant to mildew. 

Hemp fleece has a similar hand to the cotton fleece you find in sweatshirts except that it is more dense, stronger, softer, and extremely porous making it the ideal material for cloth pads.  Hemp blended cotton fabrics can absorb and hold up to 3x more liquid than cotton fabrics alone.  This is a huge benefit to using hemp materials in the cloth industry as less fabric layers are needed to achieve superior absorption results.   We have a proven design that provides the utmost in comfort, customization, durability and protection.   The only change we have made to these pads in over a decade of making them was to switch to organic hemp fleece. 



Heavenly Cloth Pads are a holder/insert designed pad which we believe is one of the best systems available.   Benefits include the ability to customize the absorbency of your pad,  superior clean up, and quicker drying time. 


Our holder, which is the main part of the pad, consists of two layers of organic hemp fleece as your main body layer of absorbency.  Under the body layers of fleece, you will find a generous open pocket strip layer that consists of the waterproof barrier of your choice and a decorative fabric backing.  This barrier extends over the edges of your underwear when the pad is snapped closed giving added protection to the wings of this pad.  Herein lies your ability to customize your pad's absorbency.  The open pocket allows you to add up to two contoured inserts per pad.  


Because hemp fabrics are so absorbent, many women find that the holder (main part of the pad) is all they need for mild to moderate flow days.   If more absorbency is needed, each holder includes one contoured insert which fits into the open pocket sewn in the back of the pad.  Inserts for 9" and 10" pads consist of two layers of hemp fleece lightly contoured for comfort.  Inserts for 12" pads consist of three layers of hemp fleece with a larger contour.  You have the ability to order the inserts for the 12" pad with a zorb core which adds a significant boost to the absorbency of this pad.  Zorb contains only tangled cellulose fibers from bamboo/cotton/viscose and poly micro fiber,  These fibers are non-allergenic, durable and easy to sanitize.  Zorb can trap moisture & absorb 10x its weight in moisture in half a second - 20x faster than cotton, bamboo or hemp knits. Zorb is recommended for both incontinence and postpartum use.


Our pads are considered an all in one pad as they have a layer of waterproofing in the main body of the pad.  You may choose ProECO PUL or wool as your barrier.. PorECO PUL is a thermally-bonded, waterproofing material.  Thermally-bonded PUL eliminates harmful chemical solvents in the manufacturing process making it a more eco-friendly PUL. It is also a safer choice for you..  It is soft, flexible, breathable, and extremely durable - made to withstand over 300 washes on hot temperatures without losing its ability to stay waterproof.   .

For an even more breathable pad, you have the option of choosing wool instead of PUL for your barrier layer.  Wool is generally fine for light days, in between days and medium flow as long as you can change the pad immediately when soiled.   We do not recommend wool for use with our 12" pads as wool is not completely waterproof and will not hold up to "gushing."  Wool lined pads will leak through if you are not able to change them frequently.  Pads with wool can be washed just like pads with darlexx.   


Our snaps are made from a type of plastic called polyacetal resin, that is stronger and more durable than other types of plastic. Our snaps are BPA-free  Our 9" and 10" pads each have one set of snaps.  Our 12" pads have an added snap setting to easily hold up to two larger inserts.


How to use cloth pads


Sizes and Uses

We offer our Heavenly Cloth Pads in three sizes; 9 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch.  Each pad size is approximately 3 inches wide when snapped closed.   

Please note that our estimates for incontinence loss capacity do not equate to menstrual flow.  As blood is thicker than water, our pads can typically contain and hold more blood than urine.  Our estimates for incontinence loss are on the conservative side meaning they do not reflect what the pad will hold at saturation limit.  They reflect what the pad can absorb while still  keeping you dry with one insert added.  Additional inserts will boost the capacity of each pad.

9" Pads

Our 9" pads are perfect for light to moderate flow days, petite women, and a great teen size.  These work well for stress incontinence with less than a 1/2 oz loss. 

10" Pads

Our 10" pads are a great size for moderate to heavy day and night use.  We consider this a very versatile size and if we were only to have one size pad, this would be it.   These work well for stress incontinence with less than a 1oz. loss.

12" Pads

Our 12" pads are great for overnight use, postpartum or moderate incontinence with loss of about 2oz or less..(If you need an incontinence pad with a larger capacity, see our incontinence line.)  It has a wider waterproof pocket than our 9" or 10" sized pads for superb protection.   For added absorbency, you may now order our 12" pads with a Zorb layer in the insert.   12" pads (shown below) now have an extra snap added to accommodate up to two inserts.


 Cloth pads are best worn with form fitting underwear.  When worn correctly, the pad lays in, you fold over the wings and snap it closed.  If your underwear do not fit properly, your pad will shift  See our page:

 See also:


Wrap Pantyliners

Hemp Wrap pantyliners

Our Wrap Pantyliners consist of a top layer of hemp fleece, an inner layer of wool and a decorative backing fabric.. Wool is both absorbent and acts as a barrier of protection as it wicks moisture into itself.  It boosts the absorbency of our pantyliners enough that they are perfect for light flow days and also for teens first starting to menstruate..  Our wool has been felted and is no hassle in your regular wash.  Wash them like your regular pads.  These are very slim and would be a great back up to the Keeper, Monocup or the Divacup.  They will stay put with form-fitting underwear and you will hardly notice you are wearing them.  

Our wrap pantyliners come in two sizes.  Our regular liners are approximately 9 inches long and 3 inches wide when snapped closed..  They work great for everyday use, very mild incontinence and also for light menstrual flow days.

Our mini-liners are approximately 7.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide when snapped closed..  They work well for petite women, teens, and those who wear more minimalist type underwear.


Care and Washing

You will have to change the entire pad when soiled.  

All materials are pre-washed before sewing to ensure that most shrinking is done.  

You may wash and dry your pads in your washer and dryer on any setting.

Before use your pads will need to be conditioned.  For this we recommend using a hot wash and dry.   Like bath towels, cloth products need to be washed and dried several times to reach their full absorbency.  Hemp tends to reach it's peak around the 10th washing.  We recommend you wash and dry at least three times on hot settings before beginning use.  You can test your pads for absorbency by pouring a small amount of liquid on the top of the pad.   If the liquid soaks in immediately, the pad is ready for use.  If the liquid sits on top of the pad for a few seconds, the pad needs more conditioning. 

Cloth pads work best with well-fitting underwear.  Simply add a doubler or two as necessary to your holder, wrap around your underwear, snap, and you are set.  (You will never notice the snaps when you are wearing the pad).

Our customers generally put their soiled pads into a container separate from their usual laundry.  When they were ready to wash, they ran the pads through a rinse cycle first, then washed like their white loads.   Do not use fabric softener nor dryer sheets as they will coat your pads and interfere with absorbency.  As far as laundry soaps go, we've tried eco-friendly soaps, handmade borax type soaps, and many name brand soaps and found none adversely affected the pads.  So our soap recommendation is going to be whatever your personal choice is.  The only thing we do not recommend is bleach.  If staining is an issue, sunning the pads works wonders.   Over the years, we've had zero complaints about "stinky hemp" and we believe this is doe to the more open construction of these pads allowing them to be fully agitated and cleaned well.

For storage of soiled pads while on the go, our customers found a Zip Lock to be perfect.

How Many Do You Need? 

This depends on your personal cycle and how often you want to wash.  Figure out an average number of pads you use per day and the how many days you want to go before washing.  So if you use six pads a day and want to wash every three days, you would need 18 pads.  Also the more pads you have in rotation, the longer they will last.

Postpartum Use.....My personal experience is that six of the 12" pads and six of the 10 inch pads was a perfect amount of pads to give me ample to use on the very first few days but yet a good selection for normal menses later on.  Also, I was able to use these pads IMMEDIATELY after giving birth to my fourth child.  I had NO issues with soaking through these.