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Venture Light Days is the newest addition to our cloth pad line.  If you are a fan of our regular Venture Cloth Pads, this "light" version may become another favorite especially with the addition of colorful prints!

Venture Light Days are 9" long with two width settings of approximately 2.75" and 3.25".

These pads were created for those looking for a fully waterproof, thin pad best suited for in-between days, light to medium menstrual flow or stress incontinence with loss up to 1oz.  This would be a great teen starter pad/pantyliner as well!

The 9" size has been a top choice for petite women and teens but is in no way limited to smaller women. The 9" pad is very discreet yet offers excellent protection and absorbency.  The exposed core is slightly contoured for comfort but not too much so as not to reduce the absorbency capacity of this pad.  

Turnaround time for custom orders is about 7 working days.  See our Venture Cloth Pad Info Page for more information on our pads.

Customer Reviews

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Worked great!

Nice products. Comfortable, soft and effective. I didn’t wash them as much as recommended at first, but they are working fine for daily pee problems around the house and on short walks. I love reusing them instead of throwing away consumables that are not as comfortable! I have no doubt that they will last a long time. And I’m getting more so I have enough to cover two weeks at a time. Will use a bucket with water to store the soiled pads before washing.

Charli Erickson
Comparable to Disposable Pads, Easy to Clean

These are a bit bulkier, but that's normal for a pad and I've never minded that feeling. They're easy to put on and take off and stay in place well with the wings. I'm pretty sure my underwear are going to last longer now that I'm not ripping adhesive off them constantly too.

The pads seem to have pretty good absorbency now that they've been washed several times and they make me feel drier than a disposable pad does. I kind of love the feeling of hemp and refuse to use other fabrics for pads now that I've tried it. It's so soft. I haven't noticed any smells at all either. I've used them through 2 periods and haven't had any leaks. I tend to have a moderate flow for a couple days and then it trails off, so I don't know if using them through the whole period would work for someone with a heavier flow. Some people might need the heavier pads. I have had blood overflow the inner part of the pad in the morning or when exercising, but the wing caught it and when I looked underneath, there wasn't anything on my actual underwear.

They're super easy to clean even though I haven't used them outside of the house yet because of the pandemic. I just rinse the pads under cold water in the bathroom sink until the water is no longer pink, then I put them into an old compost pail I fill halfway with cold water to soak until I'm ready to do a load of laundry with them. I put them in with towels because I don't think they get enough agitation if they're in a load alone. They stained more the first time when I had them in a load alone than they have since. I don't mind the stains though. If you're going to cover cloth with blood, it's kind of inevitable. It just shows they're doing their job and it's not like anyone but you is going to see them.

I've actually noticed a difference in my period, and I can't say for sure that this is the cause, but I think switching to natural fabrics without chemicals may be helping it flow more freely instead of getting stuck and old inside.

Overall, these work just as well as disposable pads and I feel better about my health and about my impact on the environment using these instead.

Great pads for light days

I bought these to use for my lighter days. Although the venture cloth pads are not bulky, I like this for the lighter days. They feel like the pantyliners I use from Mom and Me Creations, but give me the assurance that they are not going to leak.

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