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"Pure and Simple". is our most organic, soft, absorbent, and breathable pantyliner.  If you are allergic to wool and have not been able to enjoy our regular style pantyliners, now is your chance.

Our "Pure and Simple" pantyliners are two layers of certified organic hemp fleece sandwiched together.  The stitching is 100% undyed cotton.  That's it - the most organic pad we offer. 

We offer this pantyliner in two sizes.  The regular size is 9" long with a 3" width when snapped closed.  Like our regular style liners, it is great for light days, in between days, or for use as a back-up to a menstrual cup.  The mini size is 8" long with a 2.5" width when snapped closed.  it is great for all of the above-mentioned uses but is a preferred size for teens, petite women, and those who wear more minimalist underwear.  We do not recommend this with a thong.

You may order these as singles or as a buy 5, get one free (6 total).

These are custom sewn and turnaround time is approximately 7 business days.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for My Needs.

My skin has become increasingly irritated and sensitive to synthetic fabrics, latex elastic etc. needing more TLC. I use prescribed and OTC creams and lotions and to protect my underwear from staining I tried several brands of disposable liners but all aggravated the problem.
I found Mom and Me Creations and am so pleased with the Pure and Simple liners.
They are soft, comfortable and cover the gusset keeping it cleaner and preventing friction.They absorb perspiration and the sneeze/ dribble occasions.I can wear my regular underwear with the protection of an organic liner next to my skin. No more irritation, I shall be ordering more of these. Thank you.


I've been buying and wearing cloth pads for many years, and have tried several types. At 61, I'm not using them for menstruation, but for normal dribbles and leaks, as well as for very infrequent stress incontinence. The pads I've tried have never satisfied me, either because they were stiff, too large, too hot due to synthetic materials, or moved out of place. These are just right! They breathe, are softer than cotton flannel & conform to my body better, do not creep, and are just the right size. These pads are also very well-made. I've finally found my forever pads. Also, Jen is an angel:innocent: She gave me honest advice and generously sent extras for free when I placed a large order. Thank you, Jen!

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