$ 90.00

This package is a great starting place to build your stash of cloth pads.  It includes four 9" pads, four 10" pads and two 12" pads.  Priced at 20% less than you'd pay for each pad separately. 

9" cloth pads are a great choice as a daytime pad, light day pad, teen size, or petite lady pad.   These also work well for stress incontinence with minimal loss.

10" cloth pads are a wonderful day or night size for medium flow.  We recommend this size if you simply want to try "one" pad.  These also work well for stress incontinence with about a 1oz loss.

12" cloth pads are recommended for heavy flow, day or night.  This includes postpartum use.  This size works well for stress incontinence with loss up to 4oz.  Add Zorb to your 12" insert to boost absorbency.

Please select a waterproof barrier for your pads.  ProECO PUL provides the ultimate breathable waterproofing.  Wool adds an extra layer of absorbency, is more breathable than PUL, but will not be as waterproof; thus, it will need to be changed when soiled.  Wool is not recommended for 12" pads nor pads used for incontinence.  

Each cloth pad includes one insert.  Additional inserts are sold separately but are most often not needed if the pad can be changed in a reasonable amount of time.

Please note that our estimates for incontinence loss capacity do not equate to menstrual flow.  As blood is thicker than water, our pads can typically contain and hold more blood than urine.  Our estimates for incontinence loss are on the conservative side meaning they do not reflect what the pad will hold at saturation limit.  They reflect what the pad can absorb while still  keeping you dry with one insert added.  Additional inserts will boost the capacity of each pad.

These pads are custom sewn.  Turnaround time is approximately 7 working days.

See our Heavenly Cloth Pads product page for more information on our pads.

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Start-up-package review

I was very impressed with the pads I got from mom and me creations. I've been using them after my son was born and they have had very good absorption with no leaks! The material is very soft and comfortable and it feels so much healthier to use them instead of chemical laden disposable pads. The only downside is that they can slide around some and need a little adjusting. Overall, I will recommend them to others for a economical and healthy product!

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