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Venture Cloth Pads and Equine Emergencies

Oh, the joys of perimenopause!  For me, this means I am never quite sure when Aunt Flow is going to show up.  Seems she likes to present herself earlier than usual more often than not.  Such was the case a few days ago.  

I woke up to light spotting a week earlier than anticipated.  This occurred a month prior and the spotting didn't amount to anything for another two days so I wasn't too concerned about about a tidal wave as I headed out to see my horses for the afternoon.  I generally spend 3-4 hours a day with these two: Ruby (left) and Bud (right).

Prior to leaving, I made the decision to use a 9" Venture Cloth Pad versus the pantyliner I'd been using at home....just in case.  It seemed like overkill for light spotting most especially since it was a very hot day, but better safe than sorry was my rationale.  

Hindsight proves it was a great choice...

I arrived to the horses' abode just before 2pm.  We had a lovely day together.  But nearing the end of my visit, Bud began choking.  Choke in a horse is not similar to choke in a human.  The horse can still breathe, he just cannot swallow.  And it can be pretty upsetting to a lot of them.  Unfortunately, it was the second choke in two days for Bud.  The first, was a non-event, clearing in about 10 minutes, and thus I thought it was just a fluke.   When he began choking again, I hoped it would clear just as quickly as the day before.  It didn't.  

The choke began at 4:30pm.  Bud stood quietly but didn't want me to leave his side so I helped him keep his head low while grooming him.  He finds grooming very relaxing thus whenever something is wrong, it is the first thing I do to help him feel calm.  My husband arrived at 5:15pm and Bud was still choking.  He coughed occasionally and seemed to get relief with each coughing spell but the choke wasn't resolving.  Dehydration and aspiration pneumonia can be complications of prolonged choke so we gave our vet a call.  I've owned Bud since he was born and he is now 23 years old - we did not want to take any chances on his immune system handling any complications of this on its own.  

The vet was out on another call and unsure when he would be able to get to us.   As Bud was calm and seemed to be slowly relieving the choke, the vet told us he'd call to check again in the next hour.  He advised that at the minimum, Bud would need antibiotics.  At 7pm, the vet called back.  Bud was still choking.  We decided it would be best for him to come at that point.  Another hour passed and the vet arrived to Bud still choking.  

A quick exam was done with sedation and pain meds given.  Then a tube was put through his nose to suction the choke.  Just dropping the tube was enough to help Bud cough the contents of the choke all over the vet!  Bud was immediately relieved.  The vet looked like he had projectile vomited all over himself but took it all in good humor.   By 8:30pm, the choke was resolved and Bud was happily free to eat with a grazing muzzle on, as if nothing ever happened!  Amazing how quickly they go on with life!  

After Bud went back out to graze, I became consciously aware of my own body.  I realized I was really hot and sweaty, and needed to use the bathroom.  I had nearly forgotten about Aunt Flow until I sat down and found that my pad was covered with her, front to back.  I have never seen a pad so completely saturated and I've been using cloth pads for more than a decade.  I was certain that the wings had to be drenched as well and then the appalling thought of blood being all over my khaki shorts for the world to see hit me.  I removed the pad and found it weighed a ton but the wings were clean.  I was in disbelief.  I examined my shorts and they were clean too!   Honestly, I could not believe it!  These pads have been my mainstay ever since the creation of them but this experience was well beyond expectation.  

And so this event ends on a good note for both Bud and I.  Bud has recovered exceptionally well, as if nothing ever happened; however, he has an upcoming appointment with an equine dentist so that this type of thing NEVER has to happen again.

So, that's my latest experience with Venture Cloth Pads.  Do you have an experience you'd like to share?  If so, I would love to hear it.

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