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What Size/s Should I Choose?

Cloth Pad Lengths Demystified

Mini Wrap Pantyliner

Mini Wrap Pantyliner

Regular Size Wrap Pantyliner

Regular Size Wrap Pantyliner

Pure and Simple Pantyliners

Our most organic pad offering

9" Cloth Pads

9" Heavenly Cloth Pad

9" Venture Cloth Pad

10" Cloth Pads

10" Heavenly Cloth Pad

12" Cloth Pads

12" Heavenly Cloth Pad

12" Venture Cloth Pad

15" Incontinence Pads

15" Heavenly Incontinence Pad

How Many Do I Need?

It Depends....

Things to Consider

Our Top Suggestions if You Are New to Cloth Pads

Try Before You Buy Large Quantities

Order a "Try It" Set for Menses

Order Singles

Keep in Mind

Suggestions for Teens, Postpartum, and Incontinence Use


Our Top Recommendation


Our Top Recommendations




How Do I Wear Cloth Pads?

Wrap, Snap, Go

How Often Do I Change My Pad?

When Soiled

Do Cloth Pads Stain?

They can but it depends

Why Should I Use Cloth Pads

Are My Underwear Compatible With Cloth Pads?

Can People See My Pad Through My Clothing?

Usually, no, but....

Dress Accordingly

Do Cloth Pads Smell?

Generally, no.

Disposables vs. Cloth

Do Cloth Pads Leak?

It's Possible

Steps to Take to Avoid Leakage

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